“And let there be BLUE light!”

We all know that’s not how that saying goes and for good reason. Blue light is the light that reflects off of our tablets, laptops, cellphones, and televisions. Most of us spend hours on these devices a day, unaware of all these negative side-effects:

  1. Digital eye-strain: fatigue, dry-eyes, sore eyes, difficulty focusing
  2. Retina damage and increased risk of Macular Degeneration
  3. Negatively impacted sleep-cycle

It can be hard living in a technological world where you spend eight hours at a job staring at a computer screen or are constantly checking your phone for emails and updates. We are so used to this way of life we don’t realize the harm it is causing.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Luckily, you don’t have to change to an all carrot diet in order to protect your precious baby blues, gorgeous greens, and beautiful browns. Instead, there’s blue light blocking glasses.

Blue light blocking glasses are great for anyone who spends long hours looking at a screen or has a hard time shutting off Instagram at night before bed. These lenses block blue light rays to help reduce your eye strain, protect your eyes from serious damage, and improve sleep.

Safety Glasses

In addition to protecting your eyes from blue light, those in the trades should also be protecting their eyes from other dangers.

Safety goggles are secure, impact-resistant eyewear that protects eyes from dust and chemicals. Whether you are an electrician, construction worker, plumber, or mechanic- these glasses are a necessity.  

Where to Buy

Blue light blocking glasses and safety glasses are available at many online retailers like GlassesUSA.com, SafetyGlassesUSA.com, and even Amazon. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so there is something for everyone.

At Artisan Electric we believe in increasing your safety without sacrificing your job or the things you love.