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IR and RF Home Technology

The first “remote control” I ever saw for a television was a wire that ran out from the t.v. with an on/off switch attached at the other end. You could turn the t.v. on and off while laying in bed. This was once high-tech.

Things have obviously changed significantly since the early 1970s and remote technology is a standard feature of electronics. But it is now possible to set up your entertainment components in ways which simplify both the controls and the way your components are placed in the home.

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Great Gadgets for the Man-Cave or the She-Shed

We have rounded Black Friday and the holiday season is completely upon us. Many of us are scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. Electronics are always great gifts, but since most people seem to have the things they really need, why not consider the things they may not even know they want.

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Cell Phone Boosters

For medium sized homes and small offices, this is one of the best boosters available. It is just under $900 and works with most major cell phone carriers in the U.S.

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Beef Up Your Efficiency!

Energy efficiency means saving money, and we can all benefit from this. From washing machines to thermostats, computer technology and simple refinements of old electrical systems have streamlined things so that appliances use less energy and utilize energy in more efficient ways.

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Power to the People! Solar Style

When we think of solar power, many of us picture huge solar panels on the roof of a house. But solar technology has been fitted to all sorts of technology, and gadgets for everyday use are a great place to start.

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