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Alexa Needs Fresh Air Too

The sun is setting, the birds are chirping, the mosquitos are being a nuisance, but you’re finally outside.

It is the time of year for BBQ’s, pool parties, family whiffle-ball, and of course, everyone’s favorite New England staple, good ole’ corn-hole.
The days of being cooped up inside are slowly beginning to subside, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick the fresh outdoors over your beloved electronics.

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Be Seen and Heard During an Emergency

You remember when you were a child and the more stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows you piled on your bed the more comfort you felt? No one has ever complained about being too comfy, am I right?

Similar to comfort, you can never be too cautious- especially when it comes to arming and protecting your home.  

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​Get ready to be Blown Away by Wind Power

Definition of wind power: “wind turbines capturing kinetic energy from the wind to produce electricity.”

Similar to solar power, wind power conserves energy by taking the planet’s natural resources (in this instance, wind) to help generate household electricity. The wind creates this electricity through a large three propeller turbine that is attached to a rotor. The energy in the wind causes the propellers to spin which in turn activates the rotor. The rotor is connected to the main shaft, and when rotated, the generator creates electricity.
Pretty crazy stuff.

Now, I am sure you have seen these types of propellers as you drive through rural areas with lots of farmland. Maybe you didn’t know they were used to create energy or perhaps you did, regardless, they are not just for farms and vast acres of land. You can install one right in your backyard (at a smaller scale of course).

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Too Hot, Too Cold.. Just Right

The weather in New England is unpredictable. It seems as soon as we store our personal heaters in hopes of Spring, we get a snow day; or when our closet is packed with only sweaters in February, we get a random 70-degree day. It is just part of being a New Englander. At least we get to experience the four seasons, right?

With that being said, summer is on its way and there is no doubt it will bring some brutal humidity. As you pull out your air conditioners you may want to also invest in a phone controlled thermostat, because who knows, there could be a snow day in July.

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TV Wire Boxes: They are both safe and appealing!

Oh, the living room. The meeting place for company, the location of family movie night, and the place you dream of at the end of your 40 hour work week. Whether you call it a living room, parlor, man cave, or whatever- all have one thing in common, the television.

The center of the household
The living room TV has a gravitational pull. It is the place to drink your morning coffee while watching the news and/or the place to sip some Cabernet after a long day and watch your toddler’s favorite movie for the 100th time.. So, what do you do when the center of the house becomes the center of a tangled wired disaster? You install a TV box!

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Arm your Home with the Professional Installation of Monitored Security Systems

Buying and owning a home opens many doors of opportunity. You can attach a sunroom with hanging firefly lights, repaint your living room to a dusty Victorian pink, or even install anti-fog mirrors into your bathroom. The opportunities are endless when it comes to turning a house into a home, however, the first and most important step of home owning, is protecting what is yours.

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Clean and Attractive Light Fixture Mounting with Slide Blocks

Mounting light fixtures and other electrical equipment on a vinyl sided home not only looks unattractive, but also prevents proper weatherproofing. This can be avoided with the addition of a sliding block.

What is it?
A sliding block is placed behind a light fixture, acting as a barrier to protect the siding. The blocks come in many shapes and sizes and can be painted to match the color of the home. The finished product is a more attractive and weatherproofed home.  

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​Gear up for Spring with Garden Post Outlets

Taking it outdoors
As the snow melts and the weather gets warmer we will take any chance we can to be outside. Thanks to outdoor garden-post outlets, the transition from indoor life to outdoor life has never been easier.

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Deck and Patio Lighting

A Deck-adent Past
Porches and decks have long been the highlight of homes. Wrap around porches scattered with rocking chairs to enjoy that morning cup o’ joe and a wave to the neighbors sounds like a scene from a 1950’s novel. They are a place for people to gather and share a cocktail or two, or an area of sweet serenity where you can crack open a book and let go for a while.

A Relit Update
Decks and patios are just as special to a home today as they were in the past. However, with today’s technology they can be transformed into a fairytale lit delight with the installation of proper lighting. Artisan electric can provide you with a local electrician from the seacoast area to make your dream patio come to life.

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