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​Check Up on the Electrical Grounding in Your Home

Check Up on the Electrical Grounding in Your Home
It is always a good idea to double check the electrical grounding in your home by an experienced electrician. Especially with older homes, this may be insufficient or have fallen into disrepair. It not only is it a matter of being compliant and up to code, but also it for your family’s safety.

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Benefits of Indoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Installing motion sensor lights outside seems like an obvious upgrade to your home. But there are also some sound reasons for installing motion sensor lights indoors also.

The Led sensors which control the lighting in the house can provide some real benefits and some of these benefits are economic.

Greater Electrical Efficiency
Allowing the lights in the house to be controlled by a motion sensor cuts down on the amount of...

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Installing USB Outlets in Your Home

The miracles of modern technology are fantastic for what they allow us to do.  We can stream music play-lists while watching a YouTube video on how to cook a meal. Our phones are capable of controlling nearly every electronic device in our home and car.

The downside of this technology is the tangle of USB chargers that collect in boxes and drawers that no longer have a home.

Thankfully, home designers and engineers are working to keep...

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Pop-up and Flush Mounted Electric Outlets for the Kitchen

Without going the lengths of a remodel, there are some small things you can add in your kitchen which will make a world of difference. Consider pop-up, flush mounted electrical outlets are a great way to start.

Another thing to consider with electrical outlets in the kitchen is the codes regulating these things are always getting updated and revised. It is hard to keep up with these things, and a professional electrician can help you...

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Wireless Home Security Systems

The overall trend for the future is the fully connected home. Our homes, like our phones, cars, and entertainment systems, will be completely connected through wireless technology. 

Home security is at the forefront of this trend. We are now able to set up security systems that are tied into emergency services and the police. We are now also able to monitor and control these systems remotely with our smartphones.  Artisan Electric can help you in Portsmouth, NH and surrounding areas.

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Simple DIY Home Repairs

There is a renewed interest in DIY projects these days. People have discovered the satisfaction and economic benefits of doing things on their own, and this trend ranges from small crafts to entire home remodels.
If we think about it, this is something that just makes sense economically. DIY projects also have the potential to keep perfectly usable items out of the landfill by simply taking the time to fix things ourselves.

One of the most cost-effective projects we can tackle are simple repairs around the house.

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Identity Theft Protection

We read reports of compromised online security so often these days that we have become numb to these events. Until it happens to you, breaches of online security seem abstract—things we know can happen but do not really impact us.

Consider that most of us now do our banking online. We order food, go shopping, and plan vacations online. Not to mention that our personal information, even if it is stored with password protections, are all accessible online. Any break in the security measures which protect bank accounts, mortgages...

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IR and RF Home Technology

The first “remote control” I ever saw for a television was a wire that ran out from the t.v. with an on/off switch attached at the other end. You could turn the t.v. on and off while laying in bed. This was once high-tech.

Things have obviously changed significantly since the early 1970s and remote technology is a standard feature of electronics. But it is now possible to set up your entertainment components in ways which simplify both the controls and the way your components are placed in the home.

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Great Gadgets for the Man-Cave or the She-Shed

We have rounded Black Friday and the holiday season is completely upon us. Many of us are scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. Electronics are always great gifts, but since most people seem to have the things they really need, why not consider the things they may not even know they want.

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