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Mounting light fixtures and other electrical equipment on a vinyl sided home not only looks unattractive, but also prevents proper weatherproofing. This can be avoided with the addition of a sliding block.

What is it?
A sliding block is placed behind a light fixture, acting as a barrier to protect the siding. The blocks come in many shapes and sizes and can be painted to match the color of the home. The finished product is a more attractive and weatherproofed home.  

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​Gear up for Spring with Garden Post Outlets

Taking it outdoors
As the snow melts and the weather gets warmer we will take any chance we can to be outside. Thanks to outdoor garden-post outlets, the transition from indoor life to outdoor life has never been easier.

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Deck and Patio Lighting

A Deck-adent Past
Porches and decks have long been the highlight of homes. Wrap around porches scattered with rocking chairs to enjoy that morning cup o’ joe and a wave to the neighbors sounds like a scene from a 1950’s novel. They are a place for people to gather and share a cocktail or two, or an area of sweet serenity where you can crack open a book and let go for a while.

A Relit Update
Decks and patios are just as special to a home today as they were in the past. However, with today’s technology they can be transformed into a fairytale lit delight with the installation of proper lighting. Artisan electric can provide you with a local electrician from the seacoast area to make your dream patio come to life.

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Transform your Bathroom with Anti-fog and Illuminated Mirrors

Say goodbye to fogged, towel- streaked mirrors and bad lighting because the newest bathroom technology is right in front of you.
Anti-fog mirrors and illuminated bathroom mirrors are a quick way to transform any bathroom.  Whether you are looking for better makeup lighting, or a fog-free mirror- residential electricians have the tools to help.

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Outdoor Lighting: Motion Sensor Lighting Options

Outdoor Lighting: Motion Sensor Lighting Options
Providing some kind outdoor light around your home is a smart idea! Outdoor lighting provides safety and can be very aesthetically pleasing to your home. However, we understand that it is important to stay within your economical means.

Motion-sensor lighting is a fantastic option. Because they only turn on when there is motion, it is a great way to light up your outdoor space and save on energy. They can also be linked to a security system, so if something triggers the system while you are asleep or away, you are kept safe.

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​Check Up on the Electrical Grounding in Your Home

Check Up on the Electrical Grounding in Your Home
It is always a good idea to double check the electrical grounding in your home by an experienced electrician. Especially with older homes, this may be insufficient or have fallen into disrepair. It not only is it a matter of being compliant and up to code, but also it for your family’s safety.

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Benefits of Indoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Installing motion sensor lights outside seems like an obvious upgrade to your home. But there are also some sound reasons for installing motion sensor lights indoors also.

The Led sensors which control the lighting in the house can provide some real benefits and some of these benefits are economic.

Greater Electrical Efficiency
Allowing the lights in the house to be controlled by a motion sensor cuts down on the amount of...

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Installing USB Outlets in Your Home

The miracles of modern technology are fantastic for what they allow us to do.  We can stream music play-lists while watching a YouTube video on how to cook a meal. Our phones are capable of controlling nearly every electronic device in our home and car.

The downside of this technology is the tangle of USB chargers that collect in boxes and drawers that no longer have a home.

Thankfully, home designers and engineers are working to keep...

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