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    Property management

    Anything from small home repairs and improvements to major home remodels, upgrades, and construction.

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    Property management

    Whether you build residential or commercial building we are a team of highly qualified electrical subcontractors with the experience you need.

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    Property management

    Specially trained to work in your environment: expert services including cable management, lighting and power, like infrastructure that keeps you going.

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    Property Manager
    Property management

    Whether you manage a large manufacturing facility, a large apartment complex, or a retail store we have the skills and knowledge to make your life easier.

Electricians serving Seacoast NH & Southern Maine & Vermont.

Founded in 1987, Artisan Electrical Contractors - or Artisan Electric as we are known today - is a full-service electrical contracting company founded on the core values of quality, integrity, accountability, innovation, and balance. More than words, these 3 core values define how we interact and conduct business with our residential, commercial, and industrial customers across NH, MA, ME and VT.

The Artisan Way - Reliable Service You Can Trust

It is not what we do that distinguishes us from other contractors, but how we do it. We call this “The Artisan Way” which is both a process and a philosophy based on three core values: Quality, Honesty and Customer Satisfaction. More than words, these values are in our DNA and which we consider immutable laws that guide every decision made and define how we have conducted business for over 30 years.

  1. Quality: We deliver high-quality services and products.
  2. Honesty: We believe in treating people with integrity.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: We ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We will never sacrifice these Core Values. They are in our DNA.

Artisan Electrical Contractors

  • Commercial & industrial construction

  • Data center construction & maintenance

  • Home repairs & improvements

  • Property & facility management

  • Residential building & remodeling

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