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​Check Up on the Electrical Grounding in Your Home

Check Up on the Electrical Grounding in Your Home
It is always a good idea to double check the electrical grounding in your home by an experienced electrician. Especially with older homes, this may be insufficient or have fallen into disrepair. It not only is it a matter of being compliant and up to code, but also it for your family’s safety.

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Cool Tips for Maximizing Your AC

Some do-it-yourself maintenance and diagnostics that you can do to keep the air conditioner operating at optimum levels from your friends at Artisan Electric.

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It's Almost Summer...Time to Raise the Roof!

With summer right around the corner it is a good time to put some thought into outdoor home repair projects.  Winter and snow damage can wreak havoc on a roof, which is why roof repair is one of the most common repair projects in NH.  The options can be overwhelming, so here is a quick guide to get you started.

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