With unemployment at historic lows, one of the biggest challenges we face at Artisan Electric is hiring licensed electricians. We are not just looking for any licensed electrician either, but one who shares our values.

For us, it is not about getting the job done. We want to get it right and in the way that best addresses a customer's needs. Did we show up on time? Did we answer the customer's questions satisfactorily? Did we clean up before we left?

Artisan Electric is really like a lot of businesses today in that we are trying to hire for personality almost as much as we are looking for a particular skillset. 

Frankly, we are in the customer service business--just like a retail shop, for instance. Ever been to a store with great products and prices, but terrible customer service? You probably won't go back more than once or twice if you keep getting terrible service.

In our industry, many of our most satisfied customer may only use our services once every three or four years. They may be perfectly happy with us, but simply not need our services all that often.

It is therefore critical that we leave a great first impression because the customer will remember that more than what we may have even done for them.

Know an electrician looking for a change in the Portsmouth or greater Seacoast area? We offer competitive salaries, ongoing professional development opportunities and a company culture that actively values integrity, trust, compassion and respect.

Visit https://artisanelectric.com/careers/ and tell us who you know!