“It’s the most wonderful time of the year...” to stay cuddled up inside and watch your favorite movies. We know that when winter hits, we love to stay inside and turn our Christmas lights on, bake cookies, and find a good movie to watch. If you’re wondering why your electric bill tends to be 25% higher through the winter months, here’s why:

  1. You’re home more. When you are home, you use more electricity. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows, baking, or catching up on household chores.
  2. The days are shorter. It gets dark earlier, meaning we have to turn lights on sooner in the evenings.
  3. Low temperatures. Your furnace and heaters are working overtime.
  4. Holiday decorations. We tend to have Christmas lights on and electronic powered holiday decorations inside and outside of the home.

How to save money on your electricity bill this season:

  1. Check appliances. Your refrigerator may be set too high, check with the manufacturer for recommended temperatures.
  2. Update your thermostats. If  t’s been awhile since you’ve updated your thermostats, now may be the      time. Switch to a programmable thermostat to save money when you’re not      home.
  3. Insulate. The most important place to insulate is your attic. You may be losing a lot of heat through your roof which may be costing you a fortune.
  4. Don’t block vents. We tend to turn the heat up when we don’t realize that a large piece of furniture is blocking a vent that could make all the difference.
  5. Seal windows and doors. People have been sealing windows and doors for years, and it continues to be a great method to reduce costs. Purchase some weather stripping or replace seals when necessary.
  6. Purchase higher quality light bulbs. Make sure you’re using LED bulbs as much as possible, you can even purchase Christmas lights with LED bulbs.
  7. Use smart habits in the laundry room. Wait for full loads of laundry before washing and use cold water, when possible.
  8. Unplug electronics that aren’t being used regularly. Surge protectors are a great way to turn a lot of electronics you aren’t using off at once.
  9. Snuggle up. Wear comfortable clothes and find your favorite blanket.

These are just a few great suggestions from Artisan Electric to help you save money on your electricity bill this winter, and use that money for Christmas gifts and holiday parties instead. If you’re questioning whether or not an appliance needs to be updated, it doesn’t hurt to ask a professional. These small changes may cost money up front, but over time they will make your electricity bill go down significantly.