Oh, the living room. The meeting place for company, the location of family movie night, and the place you dream of at the end of your 40 hour work week. Whether you call it a living room, parlor, man cave, or whatever- all have one thing in common, the television.

The center of the household

The living room TV has a gravitational pull. It is the place to drink your morning coffee while watching the news and/or the place to sip some Cabernet after a long day and watch your toddler’s favorite movie for the 100th time..

So, what do you do when the center of the house becomes the center of a tangled wired disaster? You install a TV box!

Tidy on up!

TV boxes are mounting components that are installed behind a television to conceal wires. The boxes typically include an outlet and low voltage cables behind the television to keep the wires hidden. You can finally say goodbye to tangled messes and unsightly wires.


TV boxes can be installed for any and all types of televisions, from large wall mounted flat screens, to smaller TVs atop a TV stand. The boxes can conceal not only the wires from the television, but also those from your video game consoles and DVD players.

Safety First

So, we have discussed the importance of a TV Box for aesthetic purposes, but there are also  safety factors. Too many wires and cables can be dangerous to small children and pets, plus pose a fire hazard. Residential electricians from Artisan Electric believe safety comes before appeal, but we believe you can have both. Looking to turn your living room into the safest and prettiest place in your home? A certified electrician is here to help.

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