The weather in New England is unpredictable. It seems as soon as we store our personal heaters in hopes of Spring, we get a snow day; or when our closet is packed with only sweaters in February, we get a random 70-degree day. It is just part of being a New Englander. At least we get to experience the four seasons, right?

With that being said, summer is on its way and there is no doubt it will bring some brutal humidity. As you pull out your air conditioners you may want to also invest in a phone controlled thermostat, because who knows, there could be a snow day in July.

Smartphone controlled thermostats are great for a number of reasons:

They save energy
They cut fuel costs
They allow you to control the thermostat when you’re at work or on vacation
They send alerts when there is a change in temperature in your home
They can adjust the temperature for specific rooms
They allow you to view energy usage reports

How do they work?

Smart thermostats connect to your boiler through your already existing thermostat wired connection and your at home wi-fi connection. Through a downloaded phone app, you can set your desired temperature. The setting is then sent to your home through a wi-fi internet connection and the temperature is adjusted. This also works with your air conditioner

You are in control

Smartphone thermostats will ease your mind and your wallet. With the help of a local electrician, you can get the perfect system to meet the needs of your already purchased appliances. There is no need to buy a new wi-fi adapt boiler or air conditioner because Artisan Electric can set you up with the right compatible system.

It is important to hire a professional to help you set up security so that your home heating and cooling cannot be accessed by anyone else. Just like Goldilocks, no more worrying about too cold, or too hot, because now you can have it just right.

Are you ready to be in full control of crazy New England temperature? Give Artisan Electric a call at 603-743-4005 and get set up with a residential electrician in the Portsmouth and Seacoast area.