TGIF- Thank God it’s Friday! A popular phrase that has long inspired song lyrics and t-shirt designs. We cross off the days of our calendar week, obsessing over this one day and not taking time to enjoy the others.

We are going to supply you with five tips, one for each day of the week leading up to Friday and Saturday, to help you maintain that weekend euphoria.

Sunday- Live in the Present & Get Excited for a New Week

Sunday is still part of the weekend, however, it is the most bittersweet of them all.

Take this time to live in the present and forget about the pressures that may present themselves Monday morning. Go for a walk with your dog, get dinner with your spouse, or take the kids on a hike.

Get excited for the new week! Instead of feeling stressed and down about having to re-enter the office- think about all the great things you plan to accomplish this week to make it better than the last.

Monday- Treat Yourself

Ahhh, Mondays, the most dreaded day of the week. Instead of mourning the weekend have Monday be labeled as your very own “treat yourself” day. Buy yourself your favorite caramel macchiato to kick start your day, or treat yourself to a nice lunch out instead of bringing your own.

Tuesday- Set Goals

Nothing can hinder your happiness more in life than feeling like you have nothing you are actively striving for. On Tuesday fully engulf yourself in your work and set goals to improve your career and your life. You got this!

Wednesday- Laugh, it’s Hump Day

Crack a joke or watch a funny video, the possibilities are endless.

Thursday- Try Something New

The best way to kick off the day before your beloved Friday is to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe someone you work with attends a weekly Zumba class or there is Trivia Night at a local bar. The best way to grow and maintain happiness is to be a little daring and try something new here and there.

Friday- You Made It!

That wasn’t so bad, huh? Now enjoy the weekend, but also enjoy the week. Life is too short to live with weekday blues.