The whirring of air conditioners is often a steady, ever-present background noise in the summer.  While air conditioning is a convenient way to keep your home comfortable, it can lead to a hefty electric bill.  The bright (no pun intended) minds at Artisan Electric have come up with a list of tips to keep cool while lowering costs.

Use windows to circulate air.

A great way to cut back on the need for air conditioning is to use windows effectively.

  • When the outside temperature is relatively cool in the evening, turn off the AC and open the windows.  In the morning, close the windows trapping the cool air inside.
  • To minimize the heating effect of sunlight use  window shades or curtains.  The temperature inside will be minimally affected by the sun. 

Use fans and ventilation.

Ceiling fans and window fans can also help keep you cool.

  • Ceiling fans cool by moving air, but do not change the temperature of a room.  For this reason, turn off ceiling fans when not in the room in order to cut back on electric bills.
  • Window fans can be useful when the outside temperature is cooler than the inside temperature.  Be careful not to run window fans when it is hotter outside than in, as this will increase the temperature inside.
  • Always turn on the vent in the bathroom when showering in order to rid the house of the hot humid air.

Increase Air Conditioner Effectiveness.

  • Schedule regular maintenance for the air conditioner. Licensed professionals are able to maximize an air conditioner's output and save you money!
  • Avoid placing lamps, televisions or other electronics that generate heat near the thermostat as this will tell the thermostat that it is warmer in the house than it actually is.
  • Just take the edge of the heat by setting the thermostat as high as can be comfortable. No need to turn the house into the Arctic Tundra. We wait all winter to be warm, let's enjoy it!
  • Set the thermostat higher when no one is home.

More tips can be found at and if you live in the Portsmouth, NH area and need a thermostat or ceiling fan installed, call Artisan Electric at 1-800-505-7900.