Outdoor stairway lights increase not only the appearance of your home, but most importantly, the safety of it.

Best of both worlds

Outdoor timed patio lights work great but don’t always give us enough light when we have stairs to climb. Whether you are arriving home via Uber late at night or putting your kids on the bus before the sun has risen, stairway lights add that extra bit of light and safety.

That bit of safety doesn’t have to be dull and boring either, because these lights can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Late night swim, anyone?

Stairway lights add a perfect hint of glamour to indoor or outdoor stairways. Lights are typically placed on the back portion of the stairs, creating an illuminating gleam of light with each step you take.

If you’re in the mood for a late night swim in your hot tub or pool but have a couple steps to climb to get you there, not a problem. Stairway lights give you the luxury of your own little star lit runway.

Make it your own

Just like your indoor lighting, you have the ability to make your stairway lights match your own style. Lights come in all different shapes and sizes that you can choose based on your own preferences. Local electricians from Artisan Electric can help bring your design to life.

Who said the climb can’t be as great as the view? Give Artisan Electric a call at 603-743-4005 to get set up with a residential electrician in the Portsmouth and Seacoast area.