Providing some kind outdoor light around your home is a smart idea! Outdoor lighting provides safety and can be very aesthetically pleasing to your home. However, we understand that it is important to stay within your economical means.

Motion-sensor lighting is a fantastic option. Because they only turn on when there is motion, it is a great way to light up your outdoor space and save on energy. They can also be linked to a security system, so if something triggers the system while you are asleep or away, you are kept safe.

Things to consider

There are few other things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting.
Your budget is the first consideration. Once you decide how much you want to spend, you can find motion sensor lighting options within that bracket. 

The type of lights you invest in depend on how you really want to use them. Are you primarily interested in general visibility and decoration? Or is safety your main concern?

Think about how many areas you want illuminated. Are you more concerned about decks and porches or just the drive way?

You can also choose how bright do you want the lights. Motion sensor lights come in a variety of forms, and you can adjust the level of light according to your needs.

Making these basic decisions ahead of time will save you money and time as you shop for lights.

Types of Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights can use different electrical sources. Because we live in New Hampshire, you may not want to do solar powered lights once the long nights and grey days of winter set in. However, it is an option.

Some motion sensor lights are powered by battery. This could be your most affordable option, especially if you only desire the decorative features of motion sensor lights.

If security is your main concern, you will want your lights connected directly to the electrical system in the home. For this you should consult a qualified electrician at Artisan Electric.  

Artisan Electric can help you with these types of electrical questions and issues. Give us a call at 603-743-4005.