You may think there is nothing older in your bathroom than the throw rug that you’ve stepped on getting out of the shower for the past century. However, if you listen close enough, you will be able to hear something even older.

The Bath Fan

You may have come accustomed to the buzzing, but in the back of your mind you know it’s still there. It is time to finally replace the oldest nuisance in your bathroom, the noisy 50 year old bath fan.
You may be apt to just keep the fan you have out of fear of the amount of work that will soon present itself in front of you. Luckily though, this process is easier than you thought. 

Step 1. Buy the right size

There is not one fan size available for all bathrooms. You will need to calculate the square feet of the space in order to figure out the size that is needed to fit the area. A local electrician from Artisan Electric can help you find the perfect fit.

Step 2. Power off and hire an electrician

Not only should the fan be off, but so should the breaker. We suggest, for safety, hiring an electrician if you do not feel comfortable with this type of electricity.

Step 3. Remove and replace

Now you may begin removing the old fan from the insulation and duct and inserting the new one. This can be a difficult process so reach out to a local electrician from Artisan Electric if you need help.

Step 4. Enjoy the peace and quiet

You did it! Now enjoy a bath in your new, quiet bathroom.

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