It is always a good idea to double check the electrical grounding in your home by an experienced electrician. Especially with older homes, this may be insufficient or have fallen into disrepair. It not only is it a matter of being compliant and up to code, but also it for your family’s safety.

How Grounding Works

Proper grounding ensures that there is a safe connection between the ground and the electrical components in your house. Electricity follows the shortest path back to the ground. So, if there is a break in the circuitry in your home, proper grounding will ensure that any potentially dangerous electrical charges are carried away from the house (and everything in it), and safely into the ground.

Proper Grounding in Your Home

Most houses employ a wiring system. This wiring system includes metal rod driven into the ground. You may have a metal pipe extending from the house instead, which does the same thing.

The National Electrical Code demands that all homes have a grounded system. The rod used in this system needs to be 8 feet long and driven into the ground. Typically, they are copper plated and have a connector at the top which holds the grounding wire in place.

Telephones, cable television, and other similar services are generally required to have their own grounding system where these systems connect to the home.

Checking on Your Grounding

A simple way to see if your house is properly grounded is to check your power outlets. If your home has three-prong outlets, you should have three wires connecting them. One of these wires is the grounding wire. To be safe, you should have the grounding checked by a professional. Too often these things are installed or upgraded by the so-called “handyman” who really does not know how to install grounding properly.

It is absolutely crucial that you have these things inspected by a qualified electrician. Artisan Electric has electricians in Portsmouth, NH and surrounding areas to make certain the grounding in your home is safe and up to code.

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