There is a renewed interest in DIY projects these days. People have discovered the satisfaction and economic benefits of doing things on their own, and this trend ranges from small crafts to entire home remodels.
If we think about it, this is something that just makes sense economically. DIY projects also have the potential to keep perfectly usable items out of the landfill by simply taking the time to fix things ourselves.

One of the most cost-effective projects we can tackle are simple repairs around the house. Many of our common household appliances can be repaired rather than trashed. It is easy to feel intimidated by the prospect of fixing your own refrigerator, for example, but many of the more common repairs are actually fairly simple.

The heating elements in electrics stoves and ovens will eventually fail. It just burns out over time. This is a super simple fix.

Make sure you cut off all power to the oven, or simply unplug it. Remove the bake and broil element by simply unscrewing it. Replace with another element according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Gas ovens are a little more complicated , but you can still take this on. The glow bar igniter can fail after a while. First, shut the gas off to the oven.
You may need to remove access panels. Just like the electric bake and broil element, the igniter bar just comes right out and can be replaced. Always stick to manufacturer’s specs. This is a safety issue. Really, all you will likely need is a screwdriver or multi-tool.

Gaskets around the doors are the main things to wear out, and these gaskets are the things which keep your refrigerator working correctly.
New refrigerator gaskets simply fit into a slot in the door. As the old one wears out, just carefully slide the worn gasket out. Replace it by fitting a replacement gasket into the slots. Older refrigerators may have screws holding it in place.

This is a simple and obvious repair, but this one maintenance procedure will save you loads of money over time.

Like refrigerators, dishwashers have a gasket around the edge of the door that wears out and tears over time. These can be ordered straight form the manufacturer and you do not need a repairman to fix this.

Most dishwasher gaskets will slip into place like newer refrigerators. Some can be a little tricky. The only real skill you need for this is patience.

The detergent dispenser will also wear out over time. Often this only requires a new spring. In some cases, you may need to replace the entire thing, but again, these can be ordered form the manufacturer and they easily snap into place.

Maintaining your dryer is not just a matter of saving money, this is also a safety issue. The vent and ducts on the dryer need to be properly maintained in order for the dryer to work properly, and keeping the vents and ducts clear prevents fire hazards.

Vent and duct work are easy to replace. Municipalities generally require galvanized or aluminum metal for these things, so stick with code on this.
The dryer also has a felt seal around the door and bulkhead. This tends to become tattered over time and can be easily removed and replaced with a manufacturer’s replacement gasket.

Simple home repairs just make good sense, and these kinds of repairs are really easy. No need for experts for most of the kind of basic maintenance that keeps expensive appliances running as long as possible.

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