Oh laundry, the most dreaded chore in the home. It seems as soon as you finish one load, another one takes its place.  

As boring and stressful as laundry can be, it could be a lot worse. Long gone are the days of hand washing and hanging clothes out to dry thanks to one of the best inventions in history, the washer and dryer.  

Whether you are upgrading to a better model or finally got sick of the laundromat and made the purchase, we are here to offer you FIVE TIPS on how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY install a washer and dryer in your home.  

1. Choose the right space

Washer and dryers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to measure the appliances and then measure the desired area of placement. We suggest finding the best space in your home first and then purchasing the right appliances to fit in that space. It is much easier to find the right fit than it is to find the right location. 


This is pretty self-explanatory but necessary to mention. All appliances have different directions and it is important to follow the right steps to get the safest and most effective installation.

3. Make sure dryer vent is clean  

This is crucial, as a dirty vent can be a potential fire-hazard. Local department stores sell vent brushes to help you remove all dirt and debris. We suggest cleaning the vent every couple of years. 

4. Connecting water supply to washer effectively  

Make sure the correct hoses are connected to the correct water supply. Red is typically hot and blue is cold, but if your faucets are not marked you will have to keep track of each line. Also, turn on the water to check for leaks before continuing.  

5. If you’re stuck, ask for help

Installing washers and dryers can be a difficult and potentially dangerous task. Serving the Portsmouth and Seacoast area, Artisan Electric is here to help you with your installation needs.  

Reduce your load and Give Artisan Electric a call at 603-743-4005 and get set up with a residential electrician in the Portsmouth and Seacoast area.