When we think of solar power, many of us picture huge solar panels on the roof of a house. But solar technology has been fitted to all sorts of technology, and gadgets for everyday use are a great place to start.

From cell phone chargers to radios, we are now able to use the power of the sun to run simple electronics. The best feature of solar power is the price: it is free.

Solar Gadgets

Solar Outdoor Lighting
Solar lighting for your patio and walkways is not only a way to save money, it is super easy. Seriously, all you do is stick these things in the ground along your walkways and gardens and they just do their thing. A small solar panel collects energy while the sun shines. It will illuminate well into the night and turn off when it is out of juice. It is hard to imagine anything more simple.
You do not need to compromise on aesthetics. Many of the solar lights available look like old-fashioned gas lights. Some actually hang from a stand which contains the solar panel.

A set of four can come in under $20.  For a bit more you can find solar lights  with advanced settings for varying intensity of light.

Portable Solar Lights
For camping, hiking, or emergency lighting portable solar lights, also called solar lamps, are amazing. Solar lamps actually charge a battery with sunlight. This means you are not tied to a sunny day in order to use it. Unlike regular batteries, you do not need to spend the money on spare batteries, and you will not weigh down a backpack with the extra load.

Starting at around $17, you have as much to choose from as any other traditional lamp. Best of all, the energy you need is all around you.

Solar Chargers
Of all the solar gadgets available, this is one I think we all can use. Portable phones and electronics are great until they run out of juice and there is no electrical outlet in sight. The solution is a charger that is every bit as portable and not in any way tied to the electrical grid.

From the beach to the top of a mountain, solar chargers will keep your phone, laptop, or notebook running. They are designed for every electronic system available. iPhones and Androids, Laptops and Kindles, everything can be juiced up with the power of the sun.

These range from a simple solar bank to sophisticated multi-port chargers that also have USB ports. Some models are even waterproof. Again, the freedom and efficiency of solar power frees you from the grid.

Solar Cookers
If you really want to go the way of the survivalist, solar cookers are the top of the line gadgets.

Basically, solar cookers use solar technology to concentrate heat into a heating element. Some use a combination of reflectors and glass to concentrate solar energy.

One model, the Parabolic Solar Cooker, claims to generate enough heat to fry food or pop popcorn. Not only does it sound like something from a sci-fi movie, it seems to make sci-fi just a little more realistic.

Solar energy has advanced over the last few decades. The visions of huge panels covering the desert have been replaced with compact devices which are extremely practical. The technology has kept pace with the portability of much of the rest of our technology. Best of all, solar powered means it is free to operate. Beyond the initial expense, which is relatively cheap, these things require nothing but sunlight.

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