Technology has already integrated itself deeply into our personal and professional lives. You’ve probably already heard about smart homes, where many, if not all, of a house’s electronic appliances and systems can be accessed and controlled via a smartphone or a tablet. But whether you have a smart home or not, technology has now made it easier for you to monitor and adjust your home’s energy usage, and potentially save you hundreds of dollars in your yearly electric bills.

Real Time Access to Your Energy Use

Take a look at your latest electric bill. Chances are it will tell you how much electricity you used and how much you are being charged. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Home energy monitors are installed directly to your home’s electrical panel and provide detailed insight into your energy use through iOS, Android, and web apps. Data can be accessed in real time and be broken down by individual appliances. With the information home energy monitors provide, you can recognize any unusual patterns of energy use. This may help identify appliances or systems you use more often at certain times of the year, or help you find potential problems with devices that can be fixed before they get out of hand.

Home energy monitors can be purchased in stores and online, and range in price from fifty to a few hundred dollars. Independent research has shown that actively using a home energy monitor can save you up to 15 percent of your electricity bill within the first month. Some monitors even allow you to track the cost of your energy consumption in real time. You may be surprised how much certain appliances and systems contribute to your electric bill.

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