For those of us who know someone who retreats to their man-cave or she-shed, we decided to explore some of the coolest gadgets for the cave or shed. Electronic gadgets make great gifts, and these are just the kinds of things people tend not to justify buying for themselves.

For the She-Shed:

Wi-fi Range Extender: While taking time in the she-shed, she will need to remain connected to the wi-fi. Streaming movies, music, and surfing the web are a few of the main indulgences while hiding in her nest.

These will extend the wi-fi range out beyond the main antennas. They come with LED indicators to make sure you are focusing on the most powerful signals. For under $50, this is the baseline electronic gadget for the she-shed.

Smart Lighting. Create lighting and lighting effects with a smart phone. These are a little miracle gadget for the she-shed. For under $200, you can get the top of the line Philips Hue kit. LED lights and fully automated controls via the smart phone. 

Smart Locks. Of course, the she-shed needs its own security, and hiding a key under the mat just does not cut it. Smart locks control the door locks with your smart phone. The August Smart Door lock system attaches to the existing deadbolt lock. At around $130, the key to the she-shed is safely hidden in your phone under the further security of a password.

For the Man-Cave:

Amazon Echo. The one thing every man-cave needs is an electronic personal assistant, and the Amazon Echo is something straight out of the Jetsons. The Echo has more functions than we can name here. Maybe most significantly for now is that it completely controls all home entertainment systems completely hands-free. The Echo also works with RF technology so it will work regardless of closed cabinet doors or other impediments.

The great news here is that the second generation Echo is down to $70.

Apple TV 4. This gadget can handle 4K technology which is about to overtake HD. This thing is ready for the next stage in streaming home entertainment.

With the Apple TV app you can stream to any device in your home or man-cave. It also allows you to store movies, tv shows, and music. Less than $15 to get started and changes everything in man-cave entertainment options.

Opti-Shot Golf Simulator. This thing is not cheap, but we included it because the man-cave needs some kind of activity besides movies and music.  This thing is not the high-tech simulator we see at pro shops, but it gets pretty close.

Using a small astro-turf base and sensors, the Golf Simulator tracks your swing and the force of your shot to create an image of where the ball would have ended up. At $300, it takes a dedicated friend to purchase this gift, but we are certain it will be appreciated.

These lists could go on for pages. Gadget technology for caves and sheds is just about infinite, but this should get people thinking about some gift ideas for these final days of the holiday season.

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