It was only this past January when two families were displaced from their apartments in Concord by fire. Once fire inspectors cleared the building, they found the cause of the fire was a damaged simple appliance. Thankfully, no one was injured and the fire was largely contained, but it drove home the fact that broken and faulty appliances are more than a simple nuisance.

It is easy to put off dealing with a malfunctioning appliance because these things seem like small problems. How many of us have rigged appliances or applied quick fixes, so we can use them until they stop working completely?  The problem is, damaged appliances can cause serious problems in your home. They lead to power surges and they can spark fires.

In the interest of safety, we should go over some of the main potential hazards.

Surge Damage

A power surge is really a spike in voltage. Some appliances, refrigerators and air conditioners for example, tend to create a power surge when they initially switch on. This can send a surge to other appliances on the same circuit and cause them to be overloaded.

Most of us have surge protection on our computers and expensive electronics. Unless you have this protection in place for your other appliances, these surges can damage the appliances. Over time, these surges will wear down the electronics and reduce the life of appliances, many of which are expensive.

The main way to protect against this is with the simple surge protectors we use on a computer. Make sure all of your appliances have the same protection.

Physical Damage

When an appliance is not working correctly, it can cause sparking and other electrical problems inside the appliance. This can lead to further damage.
These types of problems can also lead to damaged electrical outlets and delicate electrical components.

Of course, lightning surges or surges from power lines systems can also cause these things to occur. When they do, the same damage to electrical components can be instantaneous.

When you replace these components, you will see the scorch marks. This is a clear sign of a power surge from a faulty appliance, and this is also a sign that you should consult a professional.

The best way to handle these kinds of issues is to consult with a licensed electrician for an inspection. Artisan Electric can provide homeowners in New Hampshire with inspections for these sorts of issues.

Fire Damage

At the most extreme end of things, a malfunctioning appliance can spark a fire. These fires often start with small fires inside the appliance. Depending on where this starts, the fire can spread to insulation, walls, or any other flammable material in the house.  Any damaged or malfunctioning appliance creates this risk.

Obviously, this first line of protection for these types of fires are proactive repairs. If you notice sparking or any other type of internal malfunction, repair or replace the appliance.

Beyond proactive steps, always have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers your home. This is just baseline safety, and the best course of action is to prevent these situations altogether. Replace or repair any malfunctioning appliance. As we saw in Concord, the damage can be catastrophic.

Artisan electric can provide you with an electrician in Portsmouth, NH and surrounding areas to help you evaluate and address the appliance safety in your home. We have qualified people who can repair the type of damage from power surges cause by damaged appliances.  

Artisan Electric can help you with these types of electrical questions and issues. Give us a call at 603-743-4005