The reasons for weak cell phone reception can be as simple as natural obstructions like trees, buildings, and geography. For people who live in mountainous regions of the country—the White Mountains, for example—this can present a real problem.

Cell phone boosters amplify the signal on your cellular device and improve call reception, increase data availability, and speed up downloads. These things are no longer a matter of simple convenience. Much of the world of business is conducted over wireless connections, and increasing these connections means increasing productivity.

How do Cell phone boosters work?

This can get as technical and complicated as you want it to get. For most of us, all we really need to know is the basics.

Cell phone boosters function by capturing the cellular signal with an outside antenna. This is then amplified by repeating the signal and rebroadcasting the signal through the inside antenna. This simply ramps up the signal until it reaches the required strength.

Cell phone boosters work with three main components.

Donor Antenna: This is installed on the roof of a building. It sends and received messages to a cell phone tower. Most of the time it is best to use a directional antenna which focuses directly on one source.

Amplifier. Often referred to as a “Bi-Directional Amplifier” (BDA). This amplifies the signal coming in and going out. It is connected to the donor antenna with a coaxial cable.

Indoor antenna: These distribute the signal to your actual phone.

The Best Cell Phone Boosters:

The “best” really depends on your individual needs. The smartest thing to do is to check with your local cell phone provider and see what is available. Once you get a sense of what you really require, you can shop around and find the right equipment.

The good news is that most cell phone boosters will work with any signal and phone carrier in North America. There are exceptions, of course, but the technology is fairly uniform.

1.      Cel-Fi Go X 9.

For medium sized homes and small offices, this is one of the best boosters available. It is just under $900 and works with most major cell phone carriers in the U.S.

2.      HiBoost Home 15K Smart Link

This will work well with small offices and larger homes. Simple installation is a major plus for this device. It comes in at just under $900.

3.      SureCall Fusion4Home

Great for small homes and apartments. For those who work remotely and need a cell phone booster, this is probably your equipment. Simple to install and works with most major cell phone carriers. At $500, it is much more affordable than the other models.

4.      zBoost ZB545 SOHO Dual Band 

This one is the most affordable and easiest to install. At about $200, it is a good deal. It is really only sufficient for home use so if you need to improve something for an office, you will want to go with a more powerful system. But for the price, it cannot be beat.

There are numerous boosters available. Again, consult with your local cell phone carrier to see what they offer and to get a sense of what you will need. As you can see, there is a big difference between the systems which work for offices as opposed to simple home applications.

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