The technological revolution has impacted virtually every aspect of modern life. Even the lowly vacuum cleaner now has a robot version that is potentially nudging out the old ways. What this means in some really practical terms is that technology has created vastly more efficient forms of everyday appliances.

Energy efficiency means saving money, and we can all benefit from this. From washing machines to thermostats, computer technology and simple refinements of old electrical systems have streamlined things so that appliances use less energy and utilize energy in more efficient ways.

The mark of distinction is the Energy Star rating .  Put simply, this is an EPA rating which subjects appliances and other products to strict set of criteria to determine that it is the most energy efficient system available. As you go about shopping for energy efficient appliances, this is the sign you will need to look out for.


Possibly the largest appliance in the kitchen is the refrigerator and we tend not to think about these things until we absolutely must replace them. But the fridge is a great place to start saving energy money.

Refrigerators over 10 years old cost homeowners nearly $5 million last year in utility fees. With environmental regulations which impact cooling systems and simple technological advances in energy efficiency. The refrigerator is one of the first things to update for energy efficiency.

You can save up to $275 in your first year by getting an updated model. Energy Star has a calculator on their website to help you do the math on what you will need and how to get started


You can shave as much as $35 a year simply by getting an updated, Energy Star rated dishwasher. Anything over about 15 years old is considered outdated.

Newer models cut down on the cycle times and use greater efficiency with water use. This cuts down how much water you use, the amount of energy needed to heat the water, and the electricity demand for running the machine.

Washing Machines:

Laundry is an enormous energy drag. Hot water, heat, electricity—every utility in the house gets used for running a washing machine.
As with everything else, the savings start mounting the moment you upgrade to a more efficient appliance. A new energy efficient machine can save you over $100 a year from the start.

Consumer reports offers a ranking of the best models. This will also give you a breakdown of how much you can save depending on the size of the machine. Higher capacity models obviously differ from smaller models. In either case, the switch to a more energy efficient model will save you money.

Air Conditioning:

About ¾ of the homes in the U.S. now have central air conditioning. Approximately 8% of all the electricity produced goes into running these systems. Obviously, this accounts for a massive percentage of the greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere and it is extremely expensive.
Newer air conditioning systems operate at efficiency levels as much as 50% higher than previous air conditioning systems. That kind of difference cannot be ignored when it comes to environmental impact and to cost savings for individual households.

Again, Consumer Reports offers a run-down of some of the better models, and they offer a buying guide. As you look into options Artisan Electric can provide you with an electrician in Portsmouth, NH and surrounding areas to help you evaluate and address the places in your home that could use an efficiency upgrade.

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