What should be in your car emergency kit

We at Artisan Electric believe that being safe is essential to living a happy and healthy life.

car emergency kitBefore you start…

Make sure that your car kit is an easy to find place. We recommend keeping it in either the glove compartment or in the back of the car.

  • A Flashlight

Yes, cell phones these days include a flashlight, but when a car emergency occurs, you should save your cell phone battery for getting in contact with the right people

  • A knife/multipurpose tool

These are not only essential in times of emergencies, but can also be useful in your day to day life. We recommend keeping one on a keychain so that you can be prepared wherever you go.

  • Jumper Cables

These are essential in jumpstarting your car.

  • Blanket

This is especially important in the winter

  • Flare or Triangle Reflectors

You may never use these, but they are essential if you are in an emergency and can’t call for help.

  • An Emergency Phone Charger

Accidents can happen at any moment, even if your phone is at 2%. Be prepared and keep a charged emergency charger. They go for upwards of $20 and can be found anywhere from Amazon to your local drug store.

  • Ponchos

These are great in the event of a flash flood. If you tend to wear clothes for fashion rather than function, you should also keep a pair of sturdy boots as well.

  • Cat litter

This is great if your car is stuck in the snow. Having cat litter can provide traction so your car can pull out of the snow  more easily.

  • First Aid Kit

Most people have these, but do not how to use them. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the different items in there so that you can be prepared for whatever happens.

  • Duct Tape

This holy grail item has a million purposes and can save you in a quick fix.

With these items in your car emergency kit, you’ll be prepared for a variety of emergencies that could happen. But if you are facing an emergency, be sure to contact the proper authorities.

If you have suggestions of what people should keep in their emergency kit, leave them in the comments section down below.

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