What Is Home Automation? How Does It Work?

home autiomationHome Automation is also known as “domotics” and refers to the complete electronic and automated control of the house and all the features, appliances and activities in the house. An automated home system uses various types of control systems such as the centralized control of alarms and security locks on all doors, gates, windows, lighting, surveillance cameras, appliances and HVAC systems such as air conditioning, ventilation, and heating.

Home automation allows you to control the working of your home from anywhere in the house and sometimes even from outside the house with the push and click of a few buttons on a remote. With the advent of technology, controlling the lighting system of the house can be done with just a tap on your smartphones.

With the installation of just one light bulb and downloading an app onto your smartphone, you can control the lighting in any room and change the colors of the light with over hundreds of options. Science has come a long way in making our lives simpler yet sophisticated. No need for remembering which switch does what anymore with a complete home automation system. This is what home automation is all about.

The main advantages of home automation are –

  • You can control the various functional aspects of your home easily and quickly with an array of different and easy to use devices such as your smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPad or any other tablet or electronic device.
  • Home automation is the perfect solution if you have old people staying alone at home or young children in the house who have to be left home alone. To ensure their safety you can install a state of the art home security system and monitor the activities outside and inside your house from a tablet, smartphone or any other device from any other place. Home automation offers complete safety against house fires and break-ins, allows for total comfort and energy efficiency and convenience.

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