Using Paint Colors To Create An Ambiance

Paint colors can truly influence the feel of a room, in similar ways to how we discussed in our last post about lighting. Like lighting, colors help create ambiance in the room. As we pointed out, a wall color can look different depending on the amount of lighting and the source of the lighting. In today’s post we staying with the color topic and we are going to address how homeowners can choose paint colors to further portray their ideal room feeling.

Using Paint Colors To Create An Ambiance

paint colorsFirst, it is recommended that you think about the room. What goes on in the area? Most people will want to portray different feelings for rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms and home offices. Think about the overall function of the room. A room that is meant to relax you should be painted a different color than a room that is meant to energize you. Decorators and color consultants believe that different hues will encourage specific behaviors and activities.

Rooms that you wish to have long conversations in should be painted warm, or earth, tones. Shades of oranges, browns, yellows and reds are believed to help encourage open discussions since these colors give off a warm feeling. Living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are great rooms for these hues. These paint colors will help stimulate family conversation, while keeping everyone energized.

Typically speaking, bedrooms are a place to relax. Most people tend to link cooler shades with relaxation. Purples, blues and greens tend to have a calmer effect than warmer shades. Another area that color specialists recommend painting cool shades is the bathroom. As with the bedroom, blues and greens make people have a sense of relaxation. Furthermore, these shades combined with various white tones can portray a pure, and clean, feeling.

Color experts suggest painting workout rooms and home offices whatever feels right for the homeowner. Paint colors such as yellow, orange and red help to energize and stimulate a person. Yet consider various shades of green since it is known to help with concentration and to make people feel happy.

As you can see from the last two posts, lighting and paint colors can truly impact the feel of a room. If you are unsure of the feel you are seeking, consider talking to a decorator. Keep on checking Artisan Electric’s blog for more home tips.

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