Top Signs in Your Home That Tell You to Call Your Electrician Asap

electricianThe wiring in your home can be tricky and sometimes it’s better left to the professionals to handle electrical problems in your home. It is better to get minor electrical problems in your home fixed immediately before they become major electrical problems and require more work from an electrician.

Here are some top signs in your home that tell you to call your electrician asap:

  • Problems with the circuit breaker – when a circuit in a particular room of the house is overloaded a circuit breaker helps to control fluctuations or tripping in the house. The circuit breaker prevents the wires in your house from overheating or even starting a fire when the power goes off. When you find that a light, fan or anything else in your house starts to fluctuate, that means there’s a problem with the circuit breaker. Fluctuation or tripping means overload in some parts or the entire circuit breaker. This will tell you that you require the services of your electrician immediately.
  • Electrical shocks – when you touch any appliance in your home like your kitchen toaster, an electrical circuit or any other household appliance and feel a slight tingle or mild shock it means that the wiring of the electrical appliance is faulty. This is a major sign that you need to call your electrician immediately.
  • Heated ceiling and wall fixtures – if you notice the area around your ceiling and wall lights becoming too hot it could mean that your fixtures are not well insulated which could cause damage to your fixtures. It could also mean that you’re using bulbs of wattage that are much higher than the maximum capacity of the light fixture. This could also be a potential fire threat so call your electrician immediately.

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