Tools every first time home owner should have

toolsGoing from a renter to a homeowner can be a difficult transition. We here at Artisan Electric believe that having the right tools can help your home stay in shape. Whether you’ve just bought your first home, or are looking to beef up your tool box, here are a few tools you should have at home.

  • A Hammer

This one is obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. Whether you’re using it to hang pictures on the wall or assembling some Swedish furniture, a hammer is essential to making your home a safe and comfortable place

  • A Cordless drill

You will probably use this one the most. It’s great for DIY projects and is worth shelling out a few extra dollars for.

  • An Adjustable Wrench

You’ll need this to adjust nuts and bolts, but it’s especially important for plumbing.

  • Pliers

These things are great when you need to bend metal or need to hold tiny things in place.

  • A Utility Knife

Whether you’re cutting carpet or trying to break open that terrible packaging for razors, utility knives are one of those things you could have in your toolbox.

  • A Tape Measurer

There is an old saying goes measure twice and cut once. When it comes to home projects, knowing the measurements of what you’re working with can help streamline your process.

  • Screw Drivers

Another obvious one, but essential in maintaining your home. Make sure to get a kit so that you have a variety of sizes and heads (Phillips and flat). These are great in screwing nails into place or using as a wedge.

Now you’re ready to go out there and make your new house a home. And for those larger projects, give Artisan Electric a call.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment down below with your suggestions.

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