Tips To Decrease The Risk of Overheating Your Electric Holiday Lights

The holiday season is here and so is the danger that can be present with electric holiday lights. Artisan Electric believes that the below suggestions will help you celebrate the holidays cheerfully and safely.

Tips To Decrease The Risk Of Overheating Your Electric Holiday Lights

electric holiday lightsFirst, choose the correct type of holiday light for the area. Many lighted decorations, including typical string lights, are rated for outdoor or indoor use. Make sure you read the packaging before you purchase and put the lights up. Use only indoor lights inside, and use only outdoor lights outdoors. Keep the cords above ground, away from water, and off of high-traffic areas such as driveways and walk paths.

Next, be aware of the wattage requirements of the electric holiday lights and never exceed the wattage. Avoid plugging too many cords and extension cords into a single outlet. This can overload the circuit and potentially cause a fire. Frequently blowing a fuse and constantly tripping a circuit are both indications that a circuit is overheating.

You also should inspect all lighted decorations for bare wires, broken plugs and loose connections, especially if they were used in a prior year. Replace any damaged cords, bulbs and plugs. Typical holiday lights are not made for year-round use. The lights and cords can deteriorate with use, increasing the chance of overheating. To help eliminate this risk, take the electrical decorations down once the holidays are over.

Finally, when you leave your house, power down all electrical holiday decorations. This will help decrease the risk of overheating and a fire while you are out. Another option is to use a programmable timer, which can make it so you can set specific times for the lights to be turned off and on automatically. Likewise, continually monitor your electrical decorations. Pets and children are known to chew on the cords, which can damage the cord and potentially be fatal.

Keep these tips in mind to decrease the risk of overheating your electric holiday lights. Artisan Electric wishes you a safe holiday season. Please refer to your electrician, such as Artisan Electric, for any questions regarding electrical safety. Hiring an electrician will help make sure the work is done both safely and legally.

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