How You Can Save Money on Your Heating Bill

We’ve had an unseasonably warm fall, but that doesn’t mean winter isn’t on the way. Cold temperatures mean everything from being able to wear cozy sweaters to the several agonizing minutes as you scrape snow off your car to get to work on time. But winter also means shelling out more money to keep your home warm. We at Artisan Electric have a few suggestions of how you can save money on your heating bill live a happier and warmer … Continue reading

4 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Electricity Bill Right Now

We here at Artisan Electric know how important saving money can be for our customers. So we’re here to show you a few simple ways to help you save on on next month’s electricity bill. Make your house air tight Your money is going out the window if your windows are not properly caulked. According to Forbes, just by sealing up your window, your bill could go down by 15 to 30%. You can also save money by making sure … Continue reading