Teaching Children Safety Around Electricity Outside

Children live for adventure and a lot of that play happens outdoors, which is why it is important to teach them about safety around electricity. Exploration is a great part of childhood, yet with the outdoor exploration can come electrical dangers. Artisan Electric believes that understanding potential electrical dangers can help families minimize the risk. This is why it is important for parents to teach children safety around electricity outside.

Safety Around Electricity

First off, it may be beneficial to take children outside and point out potential electrical dangers. Parents should point out the location of power lines since they have the potential to be dangerous to children. To help avoid a fatal mishap, a parent can do several things. First, take a family walk and point osafety around electricityut all the power lines. It may seem like common knowledge to an adult, but children may have difficulties recognizing the power lines in various areas. To go along with this, it is important that children know to play a safe distance away from power lines. Activities such as flying a kite, playing catch, and climbing trees should be avoided when around power lines. Furthermore, parents should express the importance of never touching a fallen power line. If a child sees a fallen power line, an adult should be told immediately.

Another important electrical lesson is with lightning. On average, fifty-five people die from being struck by lightning each year. Children need to understand that lightning may be present even without rain or thunder. If the child is playing in water or swimming, then that activity needs to be stopped immediately. The same goes for playing sports such as golf and baseball. Some people believe that the lightning has to be close for any real danger to be present. However–for safety reasons–all children should learn to promptly head inside when they see lightning. It is recommended to stay indoors for at least thirty minutes after it has ceased. Electricity is a powerful thing and it can be deadly.

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