How to baby proof your outlets

Babies are mischievous. They are constantly exploring the world around them, which makes it necessary to baby-
proof your outlets at home. Babies play, poke and pull everything in sight, which can lead to extreme danger when they are playing with, poking and pulling on electrical units. However, there are certain things a parent can do to help reduce the risk of babies getting injured or electrocuted.

Baby-Proof Your Outlets

Parents should first look at covering their outlets. Outlet plugs are everywhere in the house. They are unmovable and they are within perfect reach of a crawling baby. For regular outlets, the most economical preventative measure is to place an electrical outlbaby proof your outletset cap, also known as a cover, over all the exposed outlets. These covers are difficult to grip for an adult, making it impossible for an infant to take the cap off.

There are also tamper resistant outlet receptacles to help you baby proof your outlets. These are receptacles that look like regular outlets; however, they have plastic-filled outlet slots. These slots are opened when the interior springs are pushed at the same time, such as when you plug in an appliance. Since the springs need to be activated simultaneously, the baby is not able to stick anything into the outlet.

Another concern parents have is with exposed wires. Lamps, televisions and computers may all have wires dangling and tempting the baby. The easiest way to avoid a mishap is to either unplug everything after use or to move furniture so that the wire is blocked from being accessible by the baby. If moving furniture is not an option, a parent should look into LectraLocks. LectraLocks are box-like structures that cover the outlet while being able to have a wire plugged in. These covers eliminate the risk that baby will pull out the wire and stick something into the exposed outlet.

The above tips from Artisan Electric can help you baby proof your outlets to decrease the chances of a baby being harmed by electricity. Being proactive and overly safe is always the best measure when it comes to electricity. However, when an infant starts crawling around, the best preventive measure is to constant supervise the baby.

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