Devices that will Make Your Home Futuristic: Part 2

We’ve done a blog post about futuristic devices that could make your life better— but we found a few more! Amazon Alexa Devices These things are easy to use and affordable: a perfect gift around the holidays— but they can also help automate your home. Connect them to your lights so all you have to do is ask Alexa to turn them on or off. Use Alexa to order up everything from laundry detergent to your favorite snack. Alexa can … Continue reading

5 Apps that can help organize your life this fall

With Fall comes mild weather and back to school, making it a fantastic time to get yourself in order. We at Artisan Electric believe that having an organized life is on the path to living a better one. Here are a few suggestions we have for apps you should try this season to better organize your life. Mint This app is amazing at providing a user friendly way for you to manage your personal finances. Sort through colorful charts that … Continue reading

6 scenarios where you should call an electrician

By Kate Wilkinson Often times people think that you should only call an electrician when something is wrong, but in reality, there are many different scenarios where you should call an electrician. Something smells like its burning, but there is no flame or sparks are flying We’re starting with the worst case scenario as both of these are signs of a potential electrical fire. These may be early signs of an electrical fire. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, … Continue reading

3 Devices that will Make Your Home Futuristic

By Kate Wilkinson Ads on TV aren’t joking when they say the future is now. Your fridge can not only keep things cool, but show you the weather outside or keep track of what’s in it. You can control the lights, thermostat and record shows all from your cell phone! Here are a few examples of home automation devices that you can control with your phone to save energy and stay safe. Nest $249 for their 3rd Generation Thermostat – … Continue reading

Top Signs in Your Home That Tell You to Call Your Electrician Asap

The wiring in your home can be tricky and sometimes it’s better left to the professionals to handle electrical problems in your home. It is better to get minor electrical problems in your home fixed immediately before they become major electrical problems and require more work from an electrician. Here are some top signs in your home that tell you to call your electrician asap: Problems with the circuit breaker – when a circuit in a particular room of the … Continue reading

Living in The Dark? Get an Electrician to Solve your Wiring Woes

You probably know you have electricity or wiring problems when you turn on the light switch but the room is still as dark as pitch. Or the power goes out your neighborhood but only you are still sitting in the dark while others have got their lights back on. Whether you’re moving into a new house or living in a rented one, checking the electrical fittings and wiring will save you a lot of trouble in the future. You don’t … Continue reading