5 Cool Free Apps for Back-to-School

Back to school can be a fun time, whether you’re a parent or a student. We at Artisan Electric love to talk about technology and cool gadgets that can make your life better. So here are some cool apps on the market now that can help make you or your kid’s life easier this semester. 1. Brainscape IOS/Android Buying flashcards is a thing of the past with this app. Using cognitive psychology, this app allows you to make flashcards and … Continue reading

3 easy hacks for cleaning your home

Keeping your house clean is essential to ensure that your appliances, furniture and floors last. We at Artisan Electric have found 3 ways that can make cleaning your home easier. Clean your microwave and sponge in 2 minutes Get your sponge wet and put it in the microwave on high for two minutes. The heat will kill the bacteria that gets stuck in the sponge while at the same time attacking the mess in your microwave. Get any stain out … Continue reading