Top 3 Energy Blogs You Should Read Now

energy saving

By Kate Wilkinson Learning how to be more energy efficient can not only have you help reduce your impact on the environment, but also can save you some money along the way. Here are some of the energy blogs we found that talk about energy efficiency using accurate information that approach the topic in a fun and engaging way. The Energy Collective This independently owned blog focuses on providing news and opinions on energy efficiency. Covering topics like electric … Continue reading

3 DIY Electrical Fails

Safety - Artisan Electric

By Kate Wilkinson The Internet has no shortage of average people taking on elaborate Pinterest projects like baking rainbow cakes and creating secret passage doorways, but a quick Google search can provide no shortage of these picture perfect ideas going awry. Today we’re looking at average people who took on DIY electrical projects that range from funny to dangerous. A Fail that Will Blow You Away While remodeling his bathroom, this guy tried to replace a fan with a … Continue reading

When reality crashes into you–literally


In today’s word, it is safe to say we are all busy. We finish one task, start another, and finish that one only to begin yet another. Last week, though, one of my long time employees, Paul, was in a pretty bad car accident, and it pretty much brought me to a complete stop. What is Artisan Electric all about? Thankfully, Paul  is okay—and so once I took a deep breath I found myself asking what we are all about … Continue reading