The Three 3’s at Home Part 1: Reuse

When it comes to being sustainable, there are three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. In each of these blog posts we will be taking one of the R’s and teaching you something that you can do to be more sustainable in the home. Today we’re talking about reusing! There are tons of things around the house that you can reuse to save money and make your life better. And reusing things is one way scientists can really help the planet. … Continue reading

Devices that will Make Your Home Futuristic: Part 2

We’ve done a blog post about futuristic devices that could make your life better— but we found a few more! Amazon Alexa Devices These things are easy to use and affordable: a perfect gift around the holidays— but they can also help automate your home. Connect them to your lights so all you have to do is ask Alexa to turn them on or off. Use Alexa to order up everything from laundry detergent to your favorite snack. Alexa can … Continue reading

“Best Devices to Make Your Home “Smart”

Thanks to devices, your home is becoming more and more automatic and less manual with the upgrades in technology. Home automation has become a very popular concept not only because it makes operating things and appliances at home that much easier but also because it can make your home a much safer place to live in. Here are a few of the best smart devices that you can install in your home to make your home “smart” –   Controllers and … Continue reading

Top Signs in Your Home That Tell You to Call Your Electrician Asap

The wiring in your home can be tricky and sometimes it’s better left to the professionals to handle electrical problems in your home. It is better to get minor electrical problems in your home fixed immediately before they become major electrical problems and require more work from an electrician. Here are some top signs in your home that tell you to call your electrician asap: Problems with the circuit breaker – when a circuit in a particular room of the … Continue reading

How Artisan Electric Can Help, Part I: Lighting Your Home

Safety - Artisan Electric

How Artisan Electric Can Help, Part I: Lighting Your Home Of all the DIY stuff you can do to your home, electric can be the most difficult. Is the wiring correct? Did you turn the breaker off? Why is the downstairs kitchen outlet turning the upstairs bathroom fan on? Oh, the frustration! As an established electric company servicing the Dover, New Hampshire (and surrounding!) area for over 25 years, we’re here to help you with all things electric. In our … Continue reading

5 Things to Ask Your Contractor

Building a new home—or remodeling your existing one—is a big emotional investment. To avoid unwanted surprises, you want to be sure to ask your contractor the following questions. 1. What is the timeframe? You want to know more than a start and end date, as having a big-picture view of deadlines for things like tile or countertops will help you know if things are slipping by a day or two. Ask your contractor what is taking place and when. You … Continue reading