5 Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

Having a pet is an amazing thing. They are there to make us happy, they’re there for us when we’re sad and they are there to make us laugh. But our pets can take quite a toll on the house. We at Artisan Electric want to help make your home a happy place for your furry friend. Whether you own a pet or are about to here are some tips to pet proof your home. 1. Hide your wires Wires … Continue reading

How You Can Save Money on Your Heating Bill

We’ve had an unseasonably warm fall, but that doesn’t mean winter isn’t on the way. Cold temperatures mean everything from being able to wear cozy sweaters to the several agonizing minutes as you scrape snow off your car to get to work on time. But winter also means shelling out more money to keep your home warm. We at Artisan Electric have a few suggestions of how you can save money on your heating bill live a happier and warmer … Continue reading

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

With those next few wintery months on the way that make New England so beautiful— it’s important to be ready for whatever the season tosses at us— especially your car. Here are some essential items and tips to prepare your car for winter. Consider winter tires They may cost more, but they can make a huge difference. These things can save your life when you’re screeching through poorly paved roads. Keep items that will get you to work on time … Continue reading

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare Your House

Whether you clicked on this article because you’re a Game of Thrones fan or because you are looking for tips on getting ready for winter— being prepared for the coming months is essential. We at Artisan Electric believe that a safe home is essential to making your life happy and healthy. Clear out that gutter This is a good thing to do once all of the leaves have fallen— it’s important to take care of this so you prevent blockages … Continue reading

Devices that will Make Your Home Futuristic: Part 2

We’ve done a blog post about futuristic devices that could make your life better— but we found a few more! Amazon Alexa Devices These things are easy to use and affordable: a perfect gift around the holidays— but they can also help automate your home. Connect them to your lights so all you have to do is ask Alexa to turn them on or off. Use Alexa to order up everything from laundry detergent to your favorite snack. Alexa can … Continue reading

Why Energy Star Products are a Win-Win for Consumers and Retailers

Since 1992 blue Energy Star stickers have marked appliances from fridges to dishwashers to thermostats. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program was designed to help consumers be aware of their purchases and their impact on the environment. The program works by having companies opt-in for a third party to examine their product or building. The inspectors examine them under regulations set by the EPA. And when it’s all said and done, the inspector can approve the product by placing the … Continue reading