Main Benefits of Hiring a Professional Electrician

Professional Electrician

Even though you might feel like you’re better off doing a few projects at home by yourself when it comes to electrical works and repairs you are much better off hiring a professional electrician to do the dirty work for you. A simple mistake made while dealing with an electrical switch or socket could cost you your life and should not be taken lightly. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a professional electrician for your home to … Continue reading

What Is Home Automation? How Does It Work?


Home Automation is also known as “domotics” and refers to the complete electronic and automated control of the house and all the features, appliances and activities in the house. An automated home system uses various types of control systems such as the centralized control of alarms and security locks on all doors, gates, windows, lighting, surveillance cameras, appliances and HVAC systems such as air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. Home automation allows you to control the working of your home from … Continue reading

Understanding Electrical Wiring (Home Edition)


It is important to understand the electrical wiring in your home, whether you do repairs yourself or whether you have an electrician come and do it for you. Understanding the type of wiring in your home and how electrical fixtures work is important for your knowledge as well as safety. Most homes have two hot wires, into which one neutral wire will be inserted. These common types of electrical outlets or circuits will supply a current of 240/120 volts and … Continue reading

Winterizing your home


Like it or not, Old Man Winter is on his way, which is why now is the time to begin to winterize your home. Exterior, Doors and Windows Look for cracks in your foundation and look for entry points around pipes–seal them both. Use weatherstripping around doors and caulk windows. If your home has a basement, protect the window wells by covering them with plastic shields. Furnace Call an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and clean the ducts. Consider a … Continue reading

What does grounding mean?

Grounded wire

Grounding is the method whereby electricity returns to ground via the service panel. In the event of a short circuit, the ground wire provides an additional path for electrical current to return safely to ground without endangering anyone. The result in such a case is that a fuse will blow or a circuit breaker will trip. Ground wires on power tools, for instance, are made significantly safer when they incorporate the use of a third prong–hence, a ground connection. No ground wire? … Continue reading

Safety should always come first


Recently, a colleague of ours passed away from an apparent electrocution. He was a plumber with whom we had worked on several occasions, and so the news deeply saddened us. It also got us thinking about safety and our society. Safety First It seems obvious, but in this day and age we are not convinced that safety always comes first. We see all the time how people are encouraged to ‘do it yourself,’ which on the surface is a great … Continue reading