The Shocking Truth Behind Static Electricity

So why is it that when winter hits, we see far more static electricity? The answer is pretty simple. In the summer, moisture in the air is far higher–and those water molecules act as a grounding barrier, which prevents excessive static charge.

What is a static shock? It is the product of an imbalance of an electrical charge. When exposed to an insulator, which naturally holds onto electric charge–like rubber, or wool–you start scraping charge off of everything around you. It collects on the surface of your body, so the next time you touch a conductor–a metal, for instance, that charge will jump to the conductor and you will experience that shock!

Static Electricity

static electricityIn the winter, there is much less moisture in the air. Cold, dry air is a breeding ground for static electricity, which enables your body to pull in massive amounts of electrons that can ultimately result in that all too familiar shock.

Your furnace makes it worse, too, by sucking out what little moisture your home retains. That is not a good thing for those of us with a furnace system and wool carpets or sweaters!

As anyone in Dover, NH knows, our winters can get really dry and cold, which means a lot of static electricity. Looking for ways to reduce your shock this winter? Try these tips out:

  • Install a whole home humidifier system
  • Avoid wool and wear more cotton.
  • Keep hydrated and drink a lot of water.
  • Use lotion in the winter since dry skin can build up electrostatic energy
  • Use dryer sheets when doing your laundry

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