How to Save Energy in the Kitchen

The kitchen uses up a lot of energy, so here are some tips from Artisan Electric to save energy in the kitchen.

Dishwasher use
The dishwasher is a big drain. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to set the dishwasher on the economy setting. Run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded and avoid the rinse-hold setting if your dishes are really not that dirty. You could also air dry your dishes or pop the door open after the last rinse so the dishes dry faster.

save energy in the kitchenAppliances
If possible, turn off your appliances at the plug when you are not using them. You can also plug your appliances into a power strip and turn that off when you are not using them.

You also should consider buying energy efficient appliances. Older gadgets and appliances use substantially more energy than newer units. It really does add up. The Energy Star label is one good way to tell if you are getting an appliance that runs efficiently. Last but not least, pick appliances that are sized correctly to suit your needs.

Refrigerators use the most energy in your home with the exception of heating systems. Check your temperature setting and make sure it is not too cold and make sure to keep your fridge stocked so it uses energy effectively are the second largest energy consumers in your home after central heating systems.

When buying a new refrigerator, look for the Energy Star label, too. Think about the features you need versus what you want. water dispensers, for example, use a lot of energy.

Save energy in the Kitchen

Learning how to save energy in the kitchen is not as hard as it might sound. By making slightly different choices, you can indeed reduce your energy usage and reduce your energy bills. It’s good for the environment, too.

With summer just a few short months away, there is no better time to look at how to save energy in the kitchen.


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