Living in The Dark? Get an Electrician to Solve your Wiring Woes

You probably know you have electricity or wiring problems when you turn on the light switch but the room is still as dark as pitch. Or the power goes out your neighborhood but only you are still sitting in the dark while others have got their lights back on.

electricianWhether you’re moving into a new house or living in a rented one, checking the electrical fittings and wiring will save you a lot of trouble in the future. You don’t want to be tearing down walls to install a wire to turn a light switch on after you’ve settled into your home.

Here’s how getting a good electrician can bring light back into your life –

• An electrician can install GFCI’s in your home – GFCI’s stand for Ground-fault circuit interrupters and is the latest form of extra protection for all your home wiring. In fact, the National Electrical Code mandates that all homes have GFCI’s installed for specific areas of their homes such as the bathrooms and kitchens, utility rooms and garages. These devices protect your electrical circuits and wiring when it becomes wet and protect all your electronic devices from fusing.

• Have your electrician check for loose or deteriorated wires and electrical connections in your home as this can cause your electrical outlets and switches to become tingly or warm. Bad electrical connections can impede the free flow of electricity and create resistance in the flow of current. You must get this checked immediately to avoid fuses blowing and appliances exploding.

• Get rid of extension cords and boxes and have an electrician create extra plug points at convenient places in your home. Electrical outlets that are spaced too far from each other can be a real inconvenience. Plus, you might end up tripping over those long wires and extension cords.

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