Light Bulbs And Fixtures Can Alter Your Room’s Ambiance

Many home decorators change out their light bulbs and fixtures to create a different desired ambiance. This is an easy change that can greatly impact your room and you can do it by yourself. Artisan Electric has put together some ideas for easy light changes that can create your desired feel for your room.

Light Bulbs And Fixtures Can Alter Your Room’s Ambiance

light bulbs and fixturesThere are ways you can play with the amount, and color, of the light to obtain the desired feeling. Consider changing the light bulbs and fixtures in the artificial light sources in the room. When you head to the store to pick out your light bulb, consider the bulb’s lumens to be able to pick out the brightness. The bulb’s Kelvin rating will be the temperature that the light puts off. Most warm-temperatures incandescent bulbs will run around 2,700 Kelvin.

If you want a cooler feel, look for a bulb that has a temperature in the 4,000 Kelvin range. Midday natural light is on the cooler side and can range from 5,000 to 6,000 Kelvin. As you can see, wattage is no longer the only way to distinguish different bulbs. In fact, an 8-watt Light-emitting diodes, LED, bulb uses around 80 percent less electricity than a traditional incandescent 40-watt bulb. The LED will also last longer. Keep in mind your overall lighting plan for the room and stay consistent.

In addition, various lighting fixtures will also alter the feel of your house. Chandeliers, recessed lighting, and table lamps are all great pieces that can add warmth to, and spotlight, various areas of your home. Since there are so many factors when it comes to lighting, consider hiring an interior decorator to help you design a lighting blueprint that matches with your ambiance desires. A professional will know the various lighting options and be able to capitalize on the energy efficiency of the plan.

Being exposed to different amounts, and types, of light can impact the atmosphere of the space and
light bulbs and fixtures are an easy way to update the ambiance. If you have any specific lighting questions, contact Artisan Electric in the greater Dover and Portsmouth, NH region, or your local electrician.

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