LED Lighting for Your House

LED lighting has become a very popular lighting choice in homes these days not just because they add
a lot led lightingof aesthetic value to your home but help conserve energy too. CFL’s were once the popular choice for
energy efficient lighting but now everyone is switching to LED.

There are many types, sizes, and voltages of LED lighting available for you to choose from–and depending on the room of your house you should choose the LED light accordingly. Of course, the bulb size is very important as it has to fit into the lamp, but these are mostly standard in terms of sizing. The real issue is what you should consider regarding the intensity and color of the light.


For the living room – warm white is the perfect color for your living room. Choosing tones or colors cooler than warm white will look quite unflattering for the living room. The lights have to give the room a warm and comfortable feeling. You can place blue, green or red LED bulbs on the inside of your ceilings to give your hall a funky and different look.

For the bedroom – again, the lighting has to be warm for the bedroom, so choose low watt LED bulbs.
Make sure you get the light fixtures put in first before selecting the light bulbs or light tubes.

Square and round ceiling LED panel lights – you can brighten up certain areas of the living room
and bedroom with white colored LED lights. They can be installed in the ceiling of your bedroom.
These lights are designed using the best cutting edge technology. These lights are durable and eco-
friendly, too. They will add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your bedroom ceiling.

Lastly, install LED bulbs for reading purposes on your bedside table as these can save you from a number of eye problems that come with using CFL bulbs.

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