Installing An Electric Fireplace Versus A Traditional Fireplace-Part Two

An electric fireplace can be a great option for many households, however, there can be some downsides to installing an electric unit. Last week, we discussed the pros of an electrical fireplace. However, there are cons in purchasing an electrical fireplace over a traditional fireplace.

Installing An Electric Fireplace Versus A Traditional Fireplace-Part Two

electric fireplaceAccording to a National Center for Real Estate Research, adding a permanent fireplace can increase your home’s value by about 6-8%. Since an electrical fireplace is not a permanent fixture, it will not add value to your house. Many people argue that another drawback is that the electrical units produce “flames” that tend to be noticeably artificial. This is the major drawback when some people are considering installation.

An electric fireplace is not intended to be the only source of heat in a home. They provide as much heat as a small space heater. Also, power outages will make it so your electrical fireplace is temporarily inoperable, so if you experience frequent outages having a traditional gas or wood-burning fireplace will be more practical.

As stated last week, a standard, electrical fireplace uses 120 volts. However, some of these units tend to run on maximum power. If you are running other appliances on the same circuit, you potentially could overload the fuse or circuit. To properly power the unit, you may need to add special wiring, a dedicated circuit, or a surge protector.  Hiring a professional electrician, such as Artisan Electric, will make it so the unit is properly installed and properly powered.

Also, some electrical fireplaces do not distribute the heat evenly. Some may blow out air from the sides, while others put out the heat from the top or bottom. Keep this in mind when you are looking into placement around your room. The heat may get warm, so consider avoiding placing electrical cords directly in the heat’s out path. Also, keep it off of carpet and away from other flammable material. A traditional fireplace will generally have a more even distribution of heat.

If you are considering installing an electric fireplace, consider contacting an electrician, such as Artisan Electric. Hiring a professional will make it so the installation is done properly and safe. Continue to check our blog for more electrical insights and tips.

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