Installing An Electric Fireplace Versus A Traditional Fireplace-Part One

Installing an electric fireplace is a great option to add warmth to make your house cozy during the winter months. Many homes do not have built in fireplaces, and lack the ability to install one. In our two part series we will discuss the things you should contemplate when considering a fireplace that runs on electricity versus a fireplace that runs on gas or wood.

Installing An Electric Fireplace Versus A Traditional Fireplace-Part One

installing an electric fireplaceElectric fireplaces can be a great option for households that are lacking the space, resources and time to install a traditional fireplace. They do not need chimneys or gas lines, so installing an electric fireplace is an easier alternative than installing a traditional fireplace. Also, consider the amount of space you are trying to heat. On average, a typical electric fireplace will run at 120 volts, 1200 watts and 12.5 amps. This will heat up a room roughly 150 square feet. If you are looking to add heat to a bigger area, consider installing an electric fireplace that is larger than the standard size while keeping in mind the electrical limits. If you are unsure, contact your local electrician, such as Artisan Electric. If you choose to go with a standard size, installation should be simple. Plug the electric fireplace into a standard 120 volt wall outlet and you will be all set. The easy installation is a great advantage and it makes it so you can move the unit around.

Electrical fireplaces are safe alternatives to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Most newer electrical fireplaces offer a safe glass that protects children, and pets, from being burnt. In addition, since the fire is faux, so there is no need to worry that it will become too large to efficiently manage. Turning the unit on and regulating the heat is as simple as adjusting the buttons. The heat is also maintained within the room, unlike traditional fireplaces which lose heat through the chimney.  Another reason that electric fireplaces are safer is because they do not produce combustible fuels, smoke, carbon monoxide, fumes or dust particles. This makes it so the air in your house will stay fresher than if you were using a wood-burning unit.

Before purchasing an electric fireplace, shop around. All units are not made the same. Some are made just for decorative purposes, since they produce a fake-flame without emitting heat. Also, keep in mind the size of the area you wish to heat. A unit that is too small for the room will not be very productive in keeping you warm, while extra electrical considerations should be made for larger units. Check back to Artisan Electric’s blog for part two of our electric fireplace series.

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