How to stay safe around electricity

Electricity is everywhere around us, so it is important to follow some simple guidelines to ensure you and your family remain safe around electricity.

Tips on Staying Safe around Electricity

  • Always call a certified electrician to do any wiring in your home.
  • Call your local electricity provider before digging in your yard.

Electrical panels, outlets and fuses

  • If a fsafe around electricityuse blows, turn off anything on that circuit before changing it.
  • Never replace a fuse in the dark–use a flashlight.
  • Replace fuses with identical ratings.
  • Never replace a fuse with a coin, metal object or anything else.

stay safe around electricity

Cords, extension cords, and plugs

  • When disconnecting an electrical device, pull the plug as opposed to the cord.
  • Never remove a plug when your hands are wet, or if you’re touching a metal object.
  • Never break off the third prong of a grounded plug.
  • Keep extension cords away from sources of heat and water.
  • Never place a cord through a doorway, under carpeting, or anywhere else where it could be stepped on.
  • Always use properly rated extension cords depending on how they will be used–do not exceed recommended load.
  • Use extension cords for temporary use only.

Electrical devices, appliances, and power tools

  • Keep electrical devices away from water sources of water.
  • Unplug the toaster before prying out that stuck toast.
    When you are not using an electrical device or gadget, unplug it.
  • Unplug electrical gadgets when  they’re not in use.
  • If you use an electric lawnmower, do not use it when the grass is wet.

Staying safe around power lines

  • Call your local electricity provider before pruning or removing  a tree near a power line or ground-level transformer box.
  • When using a ladder, keep it away from overhead power lines and be sure to have someone steady the ladder while you are on it.

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