Here’s why you should Automate your Home

Your neighbor recently had his house automated and you couldn’t help but wonder what that entailed. Since we’re living in automate your homethe 21st century, everything is being automated now. You’re used to automatic garage doors, so why not automate your entire home, right? Here are some reasons why that’s a great idea.

1. Most of your home tasks are very repetitive, which can be easily accomplished through automation so you don’t have to get up and do everything yourself. From dimming lights to opening doors, automating your home can make tasks a lot more convenient.
2. Increase the safety of your home through automation. Most accidents at home happen due to poor lighting, so wouldn’t it be great if the lights in your stairways, closet, and other places came on automatically every time you enter?! This will help reduce your chances of bumping into things or tripping over them.
3. Apart from safety, home automation can also help keep your home more secure. Home security installations are very expensive, which is why most homeowners decide against getting them. Home automation, however, is an inexpensive alternative to your typical home security system but works just as well.
4. Accidentally leaving the lights, heater, or AC on can cause your power bill to go through the roof. With home automation, you can rest easy knowing that the lights, thermostat, and any other electrical appliance is turned off when they are not being used, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.
5. Automating your home also helps preserve our planet’s resources by reducing the consumption of power. Home automation ensures that lights and other appliances are turned off when not in use, reducing power consumption by a significant amount.

If these reasons don’t convince you, there are many more that will help you understand why home automation is the way to go. Call Artisan Electric today at (603 743-4005. We will be happy to speak to you.

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