Fun and safe electricity experiments that you and your kid can do

Getting kids excited about science can be fun and safe. We here at Artisan Electric are partial to electricity, so
here are some fun examples of electricity experiments you can do to teach your kid more about science.
Light up the room with some static electricity
electricity experimentsMost of us come into contact with static electricity when a friend or sibling rubs their socks across a carpet in the winter and pokes us, but did you know you could power a light with just static electricity? All it takes is rubbing a balloon on your head and touching a fluorescent light bulb to that balloon. Check out the experiment now Experiments/Power-light- with-static- electricity.html

Bend water
Watching this video without context you may think that magic is real. But it’s not magic, it’s science. As the
woman in the video explains, by using static electricity from a comb, the comb the electrons are attracted to the
positives to remain neutral. See how you can do it here.

Keep them separated
Using a comb and static electricity, this mom is able to separate salt from pepper. The pictures show how static
electricity is able to attract the pepper and remove it from the salt and pepper mixture. electricity-science- experiments/

Make an electromagnet
This one is an oldie but a goodie, using a battery and some wires you can transform your basic nail into a pretty
good magnet. Just make sure a parent is there to supervise. electromagnet/

By Kate Wilkinson

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