Electric Cars are Cheaper To Run And Easy To Charge

More and more Americans are choosing to purchase electric cars because they are cheaper to run, per mile, and are easy to charge, especially if the driver equips his garage with the proper outlets.

Electric Cars are Cheaper To Run And Easy To Charge

electric carsSince the average electric vehicle has only five engine parts, most of the mileage-usage cost that goes with owning an electric vehicle is the cost to recharge the battery pack using your at-home outlets. For example, if a driver drives 15,000 miles a year, in a battery-packed powered car, then he will pay approximately $540 for electricity to run the car, which is cheaper than driving 15,000 miles powered by gasoline or diesel.  Electric vehicles are cheaper to run, yet how easy are they to charge?

First off, one of the draws to electric cars is that their energy source can come from anywhere that has electricity and capable outlets. In fact, most of electric car drivers charge their cars at home versus in a commercial setting. This is possible because they come with a cable adapter and a three-prong plug with a J1772 plug, that can be used in a standard household plug.

However, using standard outlets for electric cars can make it so it is time-extensive to charge the car. In fact, some electric car models can take over fifteen hours to charge from nil to full, using a standard outlet. A driver has the option to charge the car faster by having different charging ports installed in his garage. For example, if a driver installs a Level 3 charging unit, he can take the charging time down from 15 hours to 30 minutes.

The outlets for electric cars are more technical than a typical house-hold electrical appliance. J1772 plugs have pins that let the charger and car interact and share data. This helps prevent overheating. There are several charging station plugs on the market, consult your car dealer and your local electrician for what would work best for your needs.

Overall, owning an electric car means that you can live free of the pump, which saves you money and time. Continue to check the Artisan Electric website and blog for more informative, and fun posts.

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