What should be in your car emergency kit

We at Artisan Electric believe that being safe is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Before you start… Make sure that your car kit is an easy to find place. We recommend keeping it in either the glove compartment or in the back of the car. A Flashlight Yes, cell phones these days include a flashlight, but when a car emergency occurs, you should save your cell phone battery for getting in contact with the right people A … Continue reading

How to boost your wifi reception

Faster wifi is something we all aspire for so here are some tips to boost the wifi reception in your home.   Centrally locate your router Routers can be a bit of an eyesore, that’s why many people keep their router in their basement. However, location matters. Vox recommends moving your router to the center of the house to ensure that you get the most coverage. You should also make sure it’s isn’t covered and off the ground. This ensures … Continue reading

4 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Electricity Bill Right Now

We here at Artisan Electric know how important saving money can be for our customers. So we’re here to show you a few simple ways to help you save on on next month’s electricity bill. Make your house air tight Your money is going out the window if your windows are not properly caulked. According to Forbes, just by sealing up your window, your bill could go down by 15 to 30%. You can also save money by making sure … Continue reading

Websites that can teach your kid how to be energy efficient

If you’re a parent, you know that energy efficiency is something that doesn’t come naturally for kids. You’ve probably found yourself having to close doors behind your kids as winter air blows into your house or remind them to turn off the computer when they are done. We’ve found a few websites that can help you teach your kids how to be energy efficient and save you a few extra dollars on that electricity bill. NASA’s Climate Kids While many … Continue reading

3 DIY Electrical Fails

Safety - Artisan Electric

By Kate Wilkinson The Internet has no shortage of average people taking on elaborate Pinterest projects like baking rainbow cakes and creating secret passage doorways, but a quick Google search can provide no shortage of these picture perfect ideas going awry. Today we’re looking at average people who took on DIY electrical projects that range from funny to dangerous. A Fail that Will Blow You Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69yswP-MSvQ While remodeling his bathroom, this guy tried to replace a fan with a … Continue reading

Welcome Artisan Electric writer Kate Wilkinson

Hello! My name is Kate Wilkinson and I am a writer who works with Artisan Electric. Beyond providing you with quality and innovative electrical services, we make it our job to go above and beyond. That’s why I am here to help you all learn more about current innovations that are being made to make your life easier and more cost effective. A lot of that expansion comes from the new technology in your home like smart thermostats that you … Continue reading