Understanding Electrical Wiring (Home Edition)

It is important to understand the electrical wiring in your home, whether you do repairs yourself or whether you have an electrician come and do it for you. Understanding the type of wiring in your home and how electrical fixtures work is important for your knowledge as well as safety. Most homes have two hot wires, into which one neutral wire will be inserted. These common types of electrical outlets or circuits will supply a current of 240/120 volts and … Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting Ideas


Summer is almost here, which means barbecues and late night swims in your pool (or in your neighbor’s pool!) However, none of this will be as comfortable as it should be without the proper outdoor lighting. In fact, some research has found that as much as 90% of today’s homeowners see exterior lighting as a “must” in their yardscapes. The proper exterior lighting, though, takes planning as well as expertise. After all, haven’t we all been a bit disappointed with … Continue reading

5 Injuries You Can Suffer from DIY Electrical Work


We’ve touched a bit on the subject of Do It Yourself solutions in the past. Mostly making mention here or there of when it is – and isn’t – a good idea. Your safety is always our absolute primary goal. So rather than leave it at a mention, we wanted to take some time to give you some important points. We support all kinds of on-your-own projects. It’s a great way to get a new skill set, or polish one … Continue reading

Basic types of lighting

Best lighting for your home

In building off last week’s blog, we now turn to basic types of lighting that are most often used in home lighting design. Incandescent light Incandescent lamps create light  by heating a filament. However, most of the energy that is used is given off as heat, which makes incandescent lamps quite inefficient. Fluorescent light Fluorescent lamps contain mercury gas and are coated with a phosphor coating, which produces visible light. Much more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent light sources use … Continue reading