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What Is Home Automation? How Does It Work?


Home Automation is also known as “domotics” and refers to the complete electronic and automated control of the house and all the features, appliances and activities in the house. An automated home system uses various types of control systems such as the centralized control of alarms and security locks on all doors, gates, windows, lighting, surveillance cameras, appliances and HVAC systems such as air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. Home automation allows you to control the working of your home from … Continue reading

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“Best Devices to Make Your Home “Smart”


Thanks to devices, your home is becoming more and more automatic and less manual with the upgrades in technology. Home automation has become a very popular concept not only because it makes operating things and appliances at home that much easier but also because it can make your home a much safer place to live in. Here are a few of the best smart devices that you can install in your home to make your home “smart” –   Controllers and … Continue reading

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5 Injuries You Can Suffer from DIY Electrical Work


We’ve touched a bit on the subject of Do It Yourself solutions in the past. Mostly making mention here or there of when it is – and isn’t – a good idea. Your safety is always our absolute primary goal. So rather than leave it at a mention, we wanted to take some time to give you some important points. We support all kinds of on-your-own projects. It’s a great way to get a new skill set, or polish one … Continue reading

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10) The most wonderful time of the year Whether you are into as many colored lights and blow up snowmen as possible or simple classic white and candles, getting them to all work together can be a challenge. If yours is like most households you now have a new chore for the holidays– plugging and unplugging your decorations, stepping over extension cords and unplugging noisy timers. Imagine all your decorations coming on at exactly the same time and going off … Continue reading

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9) Early smoke detection is your best chance in a fire According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), smoke kills more people every year than fire. Smoke incapacitates so quickly that people often cannot make it to an otherwise accessible exit, which is why having properly installed and functioning smoke detectors in the right locations of your home is absolutely imperative to your family’s safety. Properly installed detectors should communicate well with one other, possess a back up power source and the ability … Continue reading

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8) Can you protect against what you can’t see or smell? In the case of carbon monoxide hazards, the answer is yes. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of unburned fuel such as what takes place in many heating systems, automobiles, lawn mowers, and emergency generators. All of these equipment produce CO, which is designed to be safely absorbed into the atmosphere outside your home. Hazards arise when due to a malfunction, mistake, or some other event carbon monoxide levels increase in … Continue reading